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Newmarket Islamic Centre is a non-profit religious organization established with the vision of connecting Muslims in both Newmarket and surrounding cities. We first opened our doors in 2005, and have been dedicated to fostering a vibrant Islamic community ever since


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At the Newmarket Islamic Centre, we are committed to providing comprehensive and holistic Islamic education to youth aged -. This includes both reading and memorizing the Quran, studying Islamic practices/responsibilities and exploring Islamic history and culture. To enroll your child or children into our program, please fill out the following form to register, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help guide them on their educational journey.

Build A Mosque: Benefits & Rewards

At the heart of any Muslim community, a mosque can be found. Mosques are the beating heart of our community and stand as a physical example of our faith. A mosque provides us with so much more than a simple house of worship though, it is a precious sanctuary that provides a place for individual enlightenment, education and moral guidance; where we teach our children about the Qur’an, where we come to honour and worship Allah (SWT) and where we can come together for special occasions in the community, such as holidays, weddings and funerals. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) even helped in the construction of the first mosque in Medina, as it was part of his will to define a place of worship for Muslims everywhere.

Community with over 62 different nationalities represented.

Over 1,200 men and women attend the weekly Jumma prayer service.

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60 percent of our community is under the age of 34.


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