Welcome To Newmarket Islamic Centre

Newmarket Islamic Centre is a non-profit religious organization established with the vision of connecting Muslims in both Newmarket and surrounding cities. We first opened our doors in 2005, and have been dedicated to fostering a vibrant Islamic community ever since


Our Vision & Our Mission

At the Newmarket Islamic Centre, we are passionate about creating a harmonious and inclusive society where Muslims of all backgrounds can come together to connect, support and uplift each other. Our team collaboratively works to foster unity, understanding and empowerment, and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come

Our Commitment

Our commitment at the Newmarket Islamic Centre includes the continuous education of children, nurturing their spiritual growth and intellectual development. Our commitment also extends to hosting daily prayers, including Jummah prayer on Fridays. Beyond these pillars, we actively engage in community outreach, organizing impactful events and initiatives that promote unity, understanding and the overall well-being of our diverse members. In every endeavor, our aim is to cultivate a community that thrives on connection, support and uplift.

Team Members

Mudasser Shafique

Aziz Mirza
(Vice Chairman)

Jamal Masadeh

Khoder El Dassouk
(Executive Director)

Anwar Syed
(Executive Director)

Community with over 62 different nationalities represented.

Over 1,200 men and women attend the weekly Jumma prayer service.

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60 percent of our community is under the age of 34.